Privacy Clause
1. Cognition and Acceptance Provisions
Wutong Holding Group Co., Ltd. provides various services on the website in accordance with the terms of this service. When you use Wutong website, it means that you have read and understood all the contents of this clause, agreed and accepted. Wutong Group will update this Terms of Use from time to time. We sincerely welcome you to check this statement regularly to see if there are any changes. If you do not agree with the content of this agreement, you should immediately stop using Wutong website services.

2. The Use of Content of Wutong Website
All software, pictures, archives and editorial contents published on this website may contain rights declarations and copyright information. Any copyright-owned works of Wutong Holding Group Co., Ltd. shall not be reproduced, posted, transmitted, modified, duplicated or published in any suitable form without the authorization and consent of the Company. Be sure to read and abide by the terms.

3. Exemption from liability for data errors or other incorrect data
Wutong Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wutong Group") is not liable for typing errors or other incorrect parts of Wutong's website content. Wutong Group has made every effort to make the data in Wutong Group's website correct and reliable. However, errors inevitably occur. Therefore, all data are based on "current situation". Wutong Group does not have any express or implied guarantees regarding the contents of Wutong Group's website, including, but not limited to, any implied guarantees of tradability, application of special purposes, and non-infringement. Wutong Group reserves the right to modify information about products and services on Wutong Group's website without informing current and future customers. In any case, Wutong Group shall not be liable for any indirect, specific, accidental or causal loss caused by the use of Wutong Group's website content or by the act of purchasing it.

4. Links to other websites
Wutong Group does not need to endorse or endorse the contents of these linked websites or hyperlinks on the linked websites because the linked websites are not under the supervision of Wutong Group and Wutong Group has no right to interfere with the content of the website. Wutong Group shall not be liable to any person for any damage caused by the connection, even if we have been clearly informed that such damage may occur.

5. Treatment of comments and replies provided to Wutong Group
Wutong Group does not intend to obtain your confidential information through this website, so any comments or data sent to Wutong Group, including the information received (such as questions, opinions, suggestions and any other replies), will be regarded as "non-confidential" documents. When you transmit any information or data to Wutong Group, you grant Wutong Group unlimited and irrevocable rights. Wutong Group is free to use, copy, distribute and publicly display the opinions and data without any restrictions. Wutong Group is not obligated to respond. Wutong Group is also free to use the ideas, concepts, principles or technologies contained in the response for any purpose, including, but not limited to, the use of such ideas, concepts or technologies in R&D, manufacturing and marketing products.

6. About the Software in Wutong Website
Any software available for download and use on Wutong's website (hereinafter referred to as "the software") is a copyright work of Wutong Group and/or its authorizers. The use of the software must be subject to the terms of the licensing contract attached to the software or other relevant licensing contracts (hereinafter referred to as "the licensing contract") between you (and the group you represent) and Wutong Group. The licensing contract must be read and agreed to before you (and the group you represent) use the software. Any use, reproduction or dissemination of the software not under the licensing contract is expressly prohibited. The software is only guaranteed in accordance with the terms of the license agreement. In addition to the warranty terms of the license agreement, Wutong group will not in any way cause special, indirect, derivative damage or any loss due to use in any litigation of contract, negligence or other tort caused by or related to the use of the software on this website. The damage or interest caused shall be liable for any guarantee.

7. Price and information available
The price and availability of the information published on Wutong Group's website may be subject to change. Wutong Group will not inform you otherwise, and not all information can be obtained in all countries. Wutong Group may cite Wutong Group's products, services and procedures that have not yet been published in your country. This quotation does not imply that Wutong Group intends to launch such products, services or procedures in your country. In addition, Wutong website may also cite Wutong Group products in future plans, which are currently only in the planning stage and may not be produced. Any reference to the date of delivery of the future product is only the estimated date and is not liable for exact assurance.

8. Third Party Companies and Products
The third-party companies and products mentioned on Wutong Group's website are only for the purpose of providing data, but not for endorsement or recommendation, unless otherwise specified or specifically stated. Any authorization and guarantee of any third party only exists between you and the third party. Wutong Group is not responsible for the guarantee.